Brian Peters donating half of his XFL salary to coronavirus efforts

The XFL has agreed to pay its players for the final five games they didn’t play. Brian Peters, who spent only three days with the Houston Roughnecks before the season ended because of COVID-19, is donating half of each of his paychecks to assist in the fight against the pandemic.

“It’s very simple logic,” Peters told Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “I’m incredibly grateful for the XFL and the Roughnecks to give me the opportunity and to honor our contracts. I’ve been in a league [United Football League] before that didn’t honor our contracts. This goes back to my value system about supporting people and their health. Everyone needs help. The XFL made the honorable choice to support us, and I want to do the same and pay it forward.”

His donations will total $3,900.

Peters is donating to the Frontliners Responders Fund this week.

“I want to bounce around to help food banks in particular for kids missing meals in the Houston community and Columbus, (Ohio),” Peters told Wilson. “There are people struggling with the repercussions of the disease itself and financially. Through a bunch of grace and people, we can all help. The tribe hasn’t had to face an opponent like this virus.”

Peters, 31, played 51 games in four seasons with the Texans and spent time on the Vikings’ practice squad. He also has played in the Canadian Football League and the Arena Football League.